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Windermere: Excellent schools, high life quality and convenience

Windermere: Excellent schools, high life quality and convenience
16 jun 2018

CAPA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 18Known as one of the best places to live in Florida, Windermere has attracted many residents not only because of its lovely crystal-water lakes and wooded avenues, but also for its ongoing development and growth. As new gate communities have been under construction and roads have been duplicated, this noble area tends through time to gain even more appreciation for its real estate.
Its proximity to excellent schools attracts a huge number of families looking for a safe and familiar environment for their children’s learning. At least 51% of property taxes are dedicated to improving public schools. Among some of the best and most recent ones are Bay Lake Elementary School, Bridgewater Middle School and Windermere High School. All of them considered A-rated schools with scores varying from 9-10. Moreover, there are also preparatory schools, such as Windermere Preparatory School (K-12), designated to prepare students who wish to start in a well-known university.

“Bay Lake Elementary School, Bridgewater Middle School and Windermere High School are considered A-rated schools with scores varying from 9-10.”

Despite being a small and peaceful town, and one which does not receive a great number of tourists throughout the year, Windermere is extremely well located with easy access to roads and fast lanes, what makes it an extremely convenient place to make home. It is possible to get to downtown Orlando within only a 30-minutes commute, the same goes to the airport. When driving 15 minutes from Windermere, you’ll also be able to reach Orlando Regional Medical Center, one of the area’s largest hospitals. For those who would rather have some adventure at Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort, a 15 minutes drive will get you to a great family weekend. There are still some extra options for those who love fishing, and feel like having a serene afternoon around one of the lakes spread throughout the city.
Horizon West, within Windermere area, also offers some attractive entertaining activities, which aim to provide further leisure options to residents and visitors. As a planned area, each part of Horizon West is dedicated to a distinctive activity. Lakeside Village Center and, the brand new, Hamlim Town Center are some of the most popular ones, featuring markets, restaurants, and department stores.
Therefore, if you’re looking for a great area with a high quality of life to settle down along with your family, Windermere is certainly the right option. The purchase process might seem complex, but you can have an experienced team on your side. Always aiming for excellence in service, InvestorsInc provides quality care and personalized service to its customers. For over 14 years their priority has been taking care of all the procedures throughout the buying process while ensuring security and flexibility.

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