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03 nov 2018

Today, the wonderful city of Orlando, known by many as a dream city because the the tourist attractions like Disney and Universal which bring happiness and excite our imagination, is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In fact, Orlando has more than 65 million visitors per year, with an impressive 5% growth year over year. It is no doubt that with this growth, Orlando will one day be the number one tourist destination in the world.
However, Orlando is not only a tourist city that enchants its visitors, it is also a reference point for the American real estate market. Today, Orlando’s booming real estate market attracts both national and international investors searching for the safety and good income for their investments. Some years ago, the real estate market was primarily taken care of by the locals, americans coming from other regions, and retirees who settled in Orlando. As Orlando grew into a premier family vacation destination, many homeowners, mainly canadians and americans, began to purchase their vacation homes here.
However, they would only spend a few weeks a year on vacation, leaving the houses unoccupied the rest of the year. In order to prevent the houses from being empty for long periods, the short-term rental market (rental of holiday houses for tourists) began to emerge, not only as a way to avoid maintenance costs when the owners were not occupying, but also as an investment opportunity.
Nowadays, Orlando is one of the best reference points for the American real estate market. Each year Orlando continues to produce results which entice new investment in the area. The Orlando real estate market is growing exponentially today, and despite the countless number of real estate developments that flourish everywhere in Orlando and the surrounding area, there is no shortage of buyers for new properties. In addition to the purchase of new properties, many people also choose to invest in older properties which may be more diverse in both style and construction.
The real estate market in Orlando is as large and diversified, as is the profile of its buyers. There are many types of buyers which can be found in Orlando’s real estate market. For example, there are residents or people from other regions of the United States who come to Orlando to reside and acquire a property to live in. In addition to american citizen buyers, there are also foreigners from many different parts of the world who come here to live, work, and acquire a property for their dwelling. In some cases, americans or foreigners may acquire a second home as a vacation home, used for their own vacation and then to rented out to tourists when the property is vacant. There are also buyers who are looking for a quick return on investment, buying real estate with some problems or deterioration can be an opportunity to make a quick buck by completing reservations and then selling the property. Lastly, entrepreneurs are frequently in the market looking to buy commercial real estate and start new businesses or expand existing ones. All of these buyers have one thing in common: they are enchanted by the return of investment and appreciation of real estate in this region.
Therefore with these circumstances we affirm that the Orlando Real Estate Market is a remarkable location not only on a national level, but also on an international one. So, we invite you to come and be part of this wonderful market and enjoy all that Orlando has to offer.

Armando Soares


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