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Welcome to Orlando Creative Real Estate Awards 2018

Welcome to Orlando Creative Real Estate Awards 2018
04 out 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 21 ´PORLights, red carpet, dresses, tuxedos, formal French dinner and very, very luxury. That’s how the event of Creative Design along with Orlando Real Estate magazine BrazilUSA in December 2017. Now, here comes the time of the 2018 Edition, which promises to exceed expectations! The previous event celebrated the first year of the magazine’s circulation and a year of many achievements of Creative Design. He gathered all the cream of the city’s real estate market, interior designers, entrepreneurs and authorities. The budget turned around $30.000 dollars and it was possible to observe all the care on quality, since the delights served by buffet until the reception of distinguished guests entrance. At the time, all were able to exchange information and expand their networks, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

I created this event with the intention of honoring and encouraging our Brazilian compatriots who stood out in the real estate market. These professionals deserve to be honored because they have been showing work of great competence and as proof of this the Central Florida was highlighted by Times magazine as the largest construction site in the United States. I am happy to have started this project in 2017, because the event is growing and brings the opportunity to bring together professionals from the area and celebrate another year full of achievements. Renato Silveira ( CO. Event Creator )

For this year, the event promises! Named as Orlando Creative Real Estate Awards, the party will feature prizes to the best Realtor® of 2018. The initiative of Creative Design along with Orlando Real Estate Magazine BrazilUSA, aims to encourage, enhance and give visibility to the companies that stand out and performing your job with responsibility and excellence, helping and encouraging the Orlando real estate market.

“The intent of the event is to bring together the leading companies of the real estate market. The Realtor® is a key person to the gateway of the new people in town. Is an event to celebrate their work, extols them the way they deserve.” explains Otto Vogel, publisher of the magazine.


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