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16 jun 2018

The difficult social and political situation in Brazil and its significant consequences, unemployment, violence, poor health care, limited education and so many other negative circumstances, make it increasing numbers of Brazilians, thinking out of the country in search of better opportunities they know could find in some other location in the world and Orlando is today perhaps the most desired by a significant part of these Brazilians.
It is however extremely imprudent any moderately initiative of this nature without proper planning, where all circumstances typically involved in the process of immigration, be put into consideration.
In the middle of the many factors to consider, one of them, really important, is the homes. In a radical change of life, the problem of housing.
But with many Brazilians, arrived in Orlando with the intention to settle here and even have expected how and where they reside, which ends up creating disorders at the time of arrival, especially if you support children, because here the Schools to be frequented, depend on the place of residence and therefore, housing should be chosen in function of schools of better quality of education.
The fact is that it’s getting harder and harder for those who are coming and does not have an immigration process already completed, be able to rent property to reside, because do not have Social Security, do not have a credit history or previous home, the difficulties to approval of the register are getting bigger and the demands often almost impossible to be met.
However, with planning, everything’s silent and for those who wish to establish themselves here in the future, we recommend that you start to take action with regard to housing. An alternative that we recommend and that while still in Brazil is well facilitated is the purchase of a suitable the effects financed by the family.
The purchase of this patrimony financed can be made with only 30% cash and 70% financed in 30 years.BRAZILIANS ORLANDO
The house must be chosen in a region of good schools because it will be in the future the family residence. During these coming years before the patrimony will be rented and lease income paid financing benefits and other expenses as Taxes (PROPERTY TAX), HOA (condominium), insurance, etc.
When finally the coming decision is taken, the property must not be over leased, so it can be unavailable by the family, with the advantage then, to occupy the property which will most likely time have a supply of funding, much smaller than the renting a similar property.
Those who be of an interest in starting to follow the steps to correct the problem of housing when your time ahead coming to live in this land of opportunity and want since, I know more details about the requirements for the financing of 70% of the value of a property for your future residence, may contact My Estate Connection, they will provide all the information and help you recover the property best suited to their needs.
This region of Central Florida grows at an ever-increasing pace and the current valuation of the substantial estate is already today one of the highest of the United States and expected to accentuate each time more in the future.
Does that mean, that even for those not thinking here reside someday, invest in real estate in this land, an intelligent decision.
That is why we continue guaranteeing. To invest in real estate in Orlando is a great option!

Armando Soares


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