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The time is now!

The time is now!
28 jul 2018

BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 19 CAPAIf we’re talking about economics and business; especially the stock market boom, the low unemployment rate, the growth of GDP and the increased confidence of entrepreneurs, these factors have effectively paved a new path for many US businesses.
In fact, many indicators are showing the great performance in this American economy, certainly better than many economists had previously predicted.
The question is, “To what extent are certain states and cities considered pillars in this situation?”
Currently, playing a tremendous role is the State of Florida, as I always say, “A Window of Opportunity”.
I must also emphasize that Miami and Orlando are ranked in the top 10 cities that promote economic growth. Yes, these two charming cities are responsible for the healthy signs in the economy. For how long will this continue? For us Brazilians, I believe that there many successful years to come, this is because the American Entrepreneurial Soil has been fostered by a dynamism and entrepreneurial intelligence brought by the Brazilian breeze. I cannot mention enough the difference Brazilians are establishing in new business ventures, and a notable emphasis on our daily animosity to work harder and increase the possibility of new business, so the opportunities keep growing.
The prospect for those who want to start and live in Florida are excellent, I can say that we are at the apex of the moment; all you need is some good advice, proper planning and a great deal of courage, because the will already exists!

Eliete Negrão


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