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The Perfect Sofa!!

The Perfect Sofa!!
16 jun 2018

CAPA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 18Small, medium, large, modern or classic, the sofa will always be the main protagonist of the room. A blend of comfort and style is what influences the choosing of the ideal sofa.
Of outstanding feature in any environment and basic item in any property, choosing the sofa is not an easy task. The first thing is that the furniture sets the tone in the sofacomposition of any decor. Also because there are multiple options in the market that leave us even more confused when making the right choice.
All the details must be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal model, from size, shape, fabric, color, price and mainly comfort.
One of the first concerns should be in trying to put together two characteristics that do not always go together: beauty and comfort.
It is important that the sofa is able to adjust into the environment and the lifestyle of the owners. However, other issues must also be solved. Observing size, proportions, colors, types of cushions, fabric and density are essential for a good choice.
sofaWhen it comes to choosing, it is important to know what to do with the sofa. Also it’s not always that the sofa will have the same use, depending a lot on the feel of the room. Often it can stay in a room only to receive guests or it can be used in the main room of the house with daily use, to watch television, for example in this case, one should cherish even more for comfort. All of this influences the final choice.
For a living room, the right sofa is the one with a smaller depth, cushions, thus avoiding any more “relaxed” position, like when we are watching a movie. In the family room, the sofa is usually larger and can have some reclining mechanism. In the use in the main family room for games and TV, the type and size in relation to the users should be adjusted, observing the number of people in the house and the space available, also following the decoration style in general.sofa
Another important aspect is the space available for the sofa. This will determine whether only one or two pieces may be used, or even a sectional. And still the length of the furniture has to be taken into consideration, in order to have room for circulation around the sofa.
Besides the style, we have to also think about the color chosen. There is a tendency to use more neutral colors, with beige and gray styles. In addition to the relatively high investment compared to other furniture, strong colors such as red, yellow, blue and prints should be used with caution so as not to compromise the room and not to become an old and boring look.
As for the fabric, the variety is huge. A soft touch and soft texture make the sofa more inviting. Cotton weaves, suede, velvet and silks are more comfortable. But one detail that has to be kept in mind is the routine of the house, with children, pets, the number of people who live there, and the frequency that will be used. For these fabrics, although more inviting, are also more delicate. If this is your concern, think of textures that make your day-to-day life easier, such as natural or synthetic fabrics that facilitate maintenance, or fabrics that contain a high percentage of polyester in its composition, which also help with the long life of the furniture.
After thinking of all of those details, it is time to choose the best sofa for you and your room, whether it has rounded shapes like the traditional ones, or straighter lines, going for the modern look, or even a more retro look, like the mid-century style.
It is up to you now, to find the Perfect Sofa!

Milena Castilhos


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