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Rotary in Action!

The presidents Fernanda Garbin Paes de Barros (Interact), Patrícia Alesandra Curcovezki (Rotary) and Bruna Garbin Paes de Barros (Rotaract).
01 set 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 20The Rotary Club of Brazil Orlando promoted, on July 31st at Gilson’s Restaurant, the Installation Ceremony of the presidents and directors for the year of 2018-19.

The district Governor Ron Janssen and the President Patrícia Alesandra Curcovezki.

The district Governor Ron Janssen and the President Patrícia Alesandra Curcovezki.

The business woman and dentist, Patricia Alesandra Curcovezki, and the neuroscience student, Bruna Garbin Paes de Barros, were re-elected and assumed, respectively, the presidency of Rotary and Rotaract. Also, the high school student, Fernanda Garbin Paes de Barros, was elected as the president of the Interact Club.
The new directory of Rotary is composed by: Pauline Ottero, Cacilda Garbin, Fernando Barros and Luciana Martins.
Rotaract’s new directory for the year of 2018-19 is going to be: Pamella Ottero, Alexander Beara and Sarah Maldonado.
The Interact Club brings together students of ages 12 – 18. The current directors are: Richard Curcovezki, Ryan Curcovezki, Victor Poebel Kitaoka, Anna Reis, Bruno Charamba, Alanis Martins and Felipe Skaf.
The ceremony was presented by Anica Beara, and, throughout it, the new presidents gave inspirational speeches. Moreover, the work done by the clubs was presented in the form of a video.
The district governor, Ron Janssen, congratulated Patricia Alesandra Curcovezki for the success of the clubs that were created during her presidency in 2017-18. Furthermore, he showed his support to the new directory of the three clubs in an emotional speech.
In the occasion, partners of the clubs, Gilson Rodrigues, Andréa Rotta, Bernard Vasconcelos and Otto Vogel, were honored.
The event collaborators were the designer Cléo Wallace, the photographer Marllon Fernandes, the Dj Léo Brasuca, the Lilen rental (Luciana) and the band Crosswire that played during the event.
It is important to emphasize the mission of Rotary that is carried by each member: “Service Above Self”


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