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18 maio 2018

capa brazilusa orlando real estate 17It is truly amazing to see the increase in the number of Brazilians trying to find a legal way to be in Orlando.
Surprising that, with so many other possible options to immigrate, some are now offering a lot of facilities, as is happening today with Portugal, which is opening the doors and real possibilities of legalization of Brazilians in the Country, yet Orlando, despite the difficulties of legalization, continues to be a favorite destination for Brazilians who intend to leave their country to live abroad.
Not surprising however when analyzed by the side of the opportunities, safety, and quality of life that Orlando offers for everyone.
With the serious political, economic and social crisis taking place in Brazil, with a sharp increase in unemployment, violence, poverty, and worsening of living conditions in general, this movement of Brazilians is understandable, trying to take their children from a country where the physical security of the people is very compromised and looking for a quiet, pleasant and safe place to educate them and to provide them with a better life and there, Orlando is the great option.
The “City of Fantasy” as Orlando is known for its Parks and many attractions that attract children and adults of all ages forming a contingent of visitors over 70 million each year, which is growing every year, is today also the city of opportunities, where the pace of growth accelerates, creates new jobs at all times, where the boards we are hiring are increasingly observed throughout the four corners of the city, the result of a rapidly expanding economy that today it is felt not only here in Orlando but in the United States in general. VIVER ORLANDO
And the Orlando Real Estate Market… what do you say? This is then the great attraction for those who want to invest in something safe and with great return and appreciation.
A large number of new real estate developments, currently underway, could give an erroneous idea about the possible future valuation of these properties, due to the illusion of an excess of demand, but this does not occur. On the contrary, the demand is great and each which is provoked by the great growth that the Orlando region is experiencing today with many thousands of new residents from the most diverse places in the United States and other parts of the world. As a result, if the supply is large, the demand will continue to grow and the Real Estate Market in the Region will increase visibility and become increasingly interesting and rewarding for those who invest in it.
Even so, the facilities for foreigners (residents or non-residents in the USA) such as: up to 70% financing with up to 30 years for payment, continue to be offered, providing to those who are still planning to reside here, from now on to acquire their property and the rental of it, not only pay all expenses of that property including financing, but until soon, create a source of income, that the progressive increase of the value of the rentals will come to provide.
Those who do so, when they finally decide to move, will already have their own property, whose monthly installment will be much lower than the rent they would have to pay if they were to rent a property with the same characteristics.
It is for all this that we’re not tired of repeating that Orlando is today one of the best and safest places to invest in the Real Estate Market.
We are here for you for any question.


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