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New Beginnings

New Beginnings
05 fev 2019

With every new year comes the opportunity to start over. All regrets and sorrows can be left behind for a fresh start. It is almost like we need some kind of permission to renew our intentions and will power. And that’s exactly how it happens – by the end of the year, if we feel drained and disappointed at ourselves for not reaching our personal or professional goals, we allow ourselves to create a new deadline, which begins with the new year.
New year, new calendar, a blank page to write a new chapter. Take advantage of this opportunity to fill up your schedule with more appointments that take into account your well-being. Treat yourself as a priority. It may sound selfish, but it is the best thing you can do for those who surround you. When you feel good, rested and energized, your family, your coworkers and even strangers may benefit from your good mood. So fill up that brand new daily planner of yours with self-care practice, such as physical activities and relaxation. If you don’t like going to the gym, find an exercise that you can enjoy, plan on going on a walk or for a run. In case you need accountability, invite a friend or relative to join you. In order to relax, plan to have wellness moments within your busy routine. Save a few minutes a day to meditate, perhaps schedule a massage, or plan on having a little more time to bathe and take a relaxing bath. Sometimes we are so stuck to our routine that we can’t allow ourselves small pleasures that wouldn’t even take too long, just because we think they would interfere with our productivity; while they may actually help. These simple actions can affect our performance positively, since they promote happiness and vitality.
As the new year brings the intention of creating a new routine, every month can be an opportunity to adopt new healthy habits. Moreover, these opportunities are always introducing themselves. A new job, new relationship or a new home. Every change that happens in your life, even if it brings some sort of discomfort, can be an invitation to create a new lifestyle. Leave behind any negative experience that may have caused this change and focus on the positive side. Take advantage of this opportunity to change. Make the change happen from the inside out and observe the results that will manifest in your life. Save some time for yourself, there is always time. As busy as you may be, there will always be five minutes for yourself. When you realize how magnificent the practice of self-care may be, you will certainly dedicate even more time to it, so you can enjoy more positive results: more productivity, energy, vitality, good mood, and as a result, improve all aspects of your life.
There is no need to wait for a life changing experience to happen in order to start over. Avoid using that as an excuse to procrastinate. You don’t even have to wait till the next month to start over and make it better. The opportunity presents itself every new week; each day is a new beginning. You can start right now.
What can you do to improve your well-being? How can you enjoy more quality of life? Ask yourself and the answers will surface, just as simple and efficient ideas will start showing up. You might feel motivated to wake up five minute earlier to meditate, or do it before going to bed if that makes more sense to your lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll have an idea to add movement to your life – such as walking while you make your phone calls or having walking meetings with your coworkers. You might feel inspired to try a new grocery store that offers healthier options, or start cooking your own dinner with nutritious ingredients.
Be your own inspiration to change. You don’t need any social media influencer or famous person, not even a coach to tell you what you need. Analyze your own life and point out what could be changed. Create your strategy and start moving towards your goal.
You deserve to feel proud of yourself and you can allow yourself a new beginning, right now.
Wishing you and abundance of health, wellness and strength to start over,

Sabrina Powell


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