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Growing demand for agricultural areas in the United States

Growing demand for agricultural areas  in the United States
04 out 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 21 ´PORCurrently, the housing market in the United States have experienced a phase that generates many curiosities. One is that some Brazilian States, focusing on agribusiness, have directed a lot of eyes to the native American lands. However, not only to keep their productions, but also to buy land and lease.
The United States have, in total, 2.1 million farms, with average sizes of 176 acres. The country has the largest area of agricultural and livestock production in the world, followed by India, China, Russia and Brazil. The production area is approximately 370 million hectares.
There is no doubt that Brazilian farmers have a great advantage in the number of crops that can be performed per year. Two or more crops can be grown per year in Brazil, while American farmers usually can only cultivate a-with some exceptions in the South of the country-and all this is due to the tropical climate present in Brazil.
When it comes to soy, both the Brazil as the United States are close in terms of production and productivity. However, in the years to come the Brazil must continue to expand their areas of production, while any expansion in the United States will be limited. It is possible to say that today is just a matter of time before the Brazil turn the largest producer of soybeans in the world.
On the other hand, when it comes to corn production the conversation is another. This type of production is the most present in the United States, making the country the world’s largest producer, accounting for approximately 36% of all grain produced in the world.
One of the major differences between American farmers for Brazilians is the cost of production. The Brazilians suffer greatly with higher variable costs compared to the Americans, mainly for chemical and fertilizer inputs.
In the United States it is possible to have the confidence and physical security and your financial business. In addition to being a country where the quality of life is very present for whole family, without risk of robberies and acts of violence, the farmers feel safe financially with respect to stability in the values of the inputs.
Agricultural real estate market in the United States is not much talked about by people, but currently has had a major growth and demand, mainly by Brazilians. In the State of Florida, for example, the search has been too large for areas to monetize capital. Not only in part, but also in the area of cultivation.

Christopher Lee Regis


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