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01 set 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 20During the time I was a partner of J. Closs Events & Weddings, which is led by the talented Janine Closs, I was able to put into pEventoractice all my knowledge in the area of Design within Events and Weddings, which for many, may seem two distinct areas, but they have many things in common, but if the event decor is not treated with the same professionalism as a home or business design, it has started out wrong.
Many times we may notice that, at parties and events, the decoration ends up being left out, or carelessly executed. Or even done with whim, but perhaps by someone who does not have, say, training and natural talents for this important task.
The decoration of an event is an extremely important component. For an event to be successful it is necessary to see everything from the outside, that is, from the side of the participants and guests.
Just as when receiving guests at home, the same concern with details, should be taken into account, when receiving guests to a party, celebration or a small gathering. As they did not participate in the preparations, it is the decoration that stands out. The way the colors appear, the objects used in the ambiance, lighting, people circulation, space sectoring and even furniture arrangement are important aspects for guests feel the mood of the event.
Even unconsciously, this will interfere with their general opinion of the occasion. That is why knowing how to make the event design of any size, a very relevant aspect.

EventoJust like interior design, when it comes to defining a style for a decoration of an event, one should take into consideration the aEventoesthetic harmony as well as the current trends.
Event professionals tuned in recent decoration trends, know what can be used – or dismiss what should not conform to more recent times. They know how to combine colors and extract the best of them, to harmonize materials and textures, to make compositions, to risk unusual mixtures, but, above all, to study the technical viability of what is possible or not – knowing how to be skillful in creating and efficient at the time of the accomplishment.
And speaking of trends, what is up at the most sophisticated and trendy parties? The trends of wedding decorations, for example, live a great time. After years of rustic do-it-yourself (DIY) weddings, airy spaces filled with greenery and pale-colored palettes, we are undergoing a complete change in these times. Get ready for color – in abundance – in the form of neon signs, geometric details, velvet sophistication, and more.
There will always be timeless themes such as the classic, the rustic, the romantic – but all of them with that extra touch of design and modernity that, immediately deflagrates a well executed project – and very well elaborated by those who understand the subject.

EventoUnlike interior design and architecture, when designing something for an event, the assembly schedule is much narrower and requires flawless logistics.
Often, professionals have a few hours to set up an entire event, and an hour or two to take it apart, leaving the space clear and clean for the upcoming functions. This requires not only an ability to create or know what is beautiful or not, on the part of the professional. It requires an excellent experience in coordinating assembly, controlling schedules, leading concomitant teams of service and almost supernatural ability, to circumvent possible problems in time to deliver the assembled event, without the client or guests noticing.
Just enjoying decorating, tinkering with objects and flowers here and there may not be enough to successfully complete the decoration of an event. It takes a lot of study, experience, planning, creativity and a lot of talent …. After all, you will not get a second chance to impress your guests or even to make unforgettable, that event you may have dreamed of for a lifetime.
I am sure that from now on, when entering an Event, you will notice the similarities between Interior and Event Design, and all the details that involve a great decoration.

Milena Castilhos


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