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Changing Views By JULIANA PRATS

Changing Views By JULIANA PRATS
28 jul 2018

•Graduate in Cosmetology and aesthetics
•Presentations and specializations in more than ten countries
•Ten years working in aesthetics
•Phibrows certificate by Branko Babic
(the creator of the microblading tecnique)
•Expert in fine lines that give a natural result
•Gives courses in five countries, including the USA


Juliana did volunteer work in a cancer hospital in Florianópolis, Brazil, and saw the importance of the eyebrows, because of hair loss caused by chymeotherapy.
It was there that she decided to become a specialist in permanent makeup and she never looked back.
Juliana became a business woman and the owner of a respected and well known brand in transforming eyes through permanent make-up, giving self-esteem to women the world over.
“I believe that natural beauty comes from what we already have. Therefore, I’m very meticulous with my work to ensure good results.
My customers leave the clinic ‘10 years younger ‘ without looking like they have had a procedure done.” -says Juliana about the microblading procedure.
“The secret is loving what you do. I never thought about the money. The things simply happened. I don’t know how to separate my professional life from my personal life. The too lives go together. All the time I think about my work and what I can do to be better and better.
A lot of customers comes to us unhappy with their appearance, looking for us to solve their problems. Our obligation as professionals is to give excellent customer service and be careful when executing the techniques. Every customer is a gift and their satisfaction is my greatest goal.” Says Juliana about the love of her job.

The next step is opening franchises in the USA, that maintain the Juliana Prats quality.

“I intend to open the first clinic in Florida, because Florida isn’t known for having good quality work in this area, which is what I intend to bring. I’m sure that it will be a success.” Says Juliana.



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