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04 out 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 21 ´PORCan I buy a House here in Orlando?

Today, this is a very frequent question you hear of people residing in Brazil here passing vacation, which enchanted with the beauty and quality of life in this town and want to create a closer relationship with this region.
Also hear this question from people still in Brazil, many don’t even know Orlando, but already have plans for a possible future change here, excited by reports of friends about the safety, quality public schools, cost of living, job opportunities and many other benefits here offered in comparison with those found in Brazil.

Well, the answer is Yes!

Any Brazilian can buy a property here in Orlando, and for that, you don’t have to have all the money for payment out of the building, because there are specific funding programmes for foreigners with input from 30% and balance funded by up to 30 years .

And what do I need to buy a property?

If you have money and want to pay the property in sight, just an identification document (passport).foreigners
Of course, despite the simplicity with which the purchasing process, it be certain particularities and peculiarities, which require monitoring, since the beginning of the process, a business professional (Broker or Realtor), in order to avoid delays and losses as well as take advantage of any benefits that a seasoned professional can bring not only at the time of negotiation and closing of the purchase, but also in seeking and selecting the appropriate property.
Remember that normally does not require any payment for this professional that you provide all the advice, since the same will receive a Commission from the seller of the property, already provided for in the transaction.
There is also the American legislation, certain fees that may, in the future, affect who is buying the property or his heirs, such as the inheritance tax, which can easily be avoided with the accompaniment of a competent professional real estate area that elucidará about the possible alternatives.
When the closing of the transfer of ownership, plus the total value of the property to be paid there are still closing costs on a purchase in sight, usually get close to 1% of the property value.
If you do not intend to buy out or do not have enough money, the alternative is buying financed the property desired.
For foreigners there is a possibility of purchase of property with minimum input of 30% and the rest financed by up to 30 years. For the implementation of the funding is necessary for the foreigner proves the existence of the input value and condition, in the country of origin, to pay the monthly installments.
We caution you that the purchase financed the value of closing costs will always be higher than the purchase in sight, due to the existence of some government fees on the values that are financed.
Enhance that renting a property financed with 30% of input, it is possible that already in the first or second year, the income from the rent, pay the installments of funding and other monthly expenses and the owner who invest nothing more beyond this initial investment.
Moreover, with the growth rate that currently on the values of the rents, it is quite possible that in two or three years is going on a positive balance in income after payment of all expenses.
In this way and with appreciation of properties in this region that today is one of the tallest of the United States, we can say that buying property in Orlando is without a doubt a great deal.

Armando Soares


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