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Business in the United States, It’s Time!

Business in the United States, It’s Time!
01 set 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 20Currently, the willingness of Brazilians by undertaking and live in the United States is enormous. The search has been absolutely significant and doubts, where to start, is always present.
According to the specialist in corporate law, business expansion and internationalization, Eliete Negrão, this is the exact time for those who dream of this type of investment. According to her, from 2014 to here, there was a relaxation of American entrepreneurship to people who have the “entrepreneurial DNA” and the United States have never been so open to new investors.
But where to start? There are many paths. However, at this time it is significant to be properly advised and with a effective planning.
One of the most sought-after media is currently the E-2, type of visa for investors that allows entrepreneurs, whose countries represent part of the list of countries in Trade Treaty with the United States, to enter the country and conduct business. It is possible to purchase a present company in American territory or build up a new business. Brazil, however, is not part of this list. However, many European countries do, and this is where people with dual citizenship – Italian, German and Polish as can fit.
There is no exact amount of investment required for the E-2, everything will depend on the type of business. Many come with an initial $100,000 amount, but that does not mean that a minor amount doesn’t qualify either. If the value is greater than or equal to $500,000, another type of visa, such as the EB-5, for example, can fit.
Remain several options, with many steps to be taken and requirements to be respected. Therefore, we recommend hiring a consultancy with extensive experience in this type of process to support you from start to finish, in order to avoid delays and frustrations, with the most incredible success.
According to Yaya Negrão, anyone can invest in the United States and the Brazilians are increasingly conquering this space. For her, this is because the soil has been fostered by a dynamic and entrepreneurial intelligence brought by Brazilians. The forecasts for those who want to undertake and live in Florida are excellent, it’s time!

Eliete Negrão


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