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Brazilians gain more and more the American territory

Brazilians gain more and more the  American territory
04 out 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 21 ´PORThe search for an opportunity to better life outside of Brazil is not new. However, due to the economic crisis the country faces, this movement has intensified.
Who ever dreamed of opening your own business in the United States? According to data from the American Consulate in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian investment in native American lands increased 89% over the past five years and the trend is that these numbers continue to grow. The reasons range from the current economic crisis that takes care of the country to a more favourable business environment and the desire for a better quality of life.
While in Brazil the deadline to start a business is at 100 days, depending on the State, in Florida, the same official recognition procedure takes from two to four business days. To ease bureaucracy causes open your own business many Brazilians, regardless of company size.
The specialist in corporate law, business expansion and internationalization, Eliete Negrão, remember that a survey conducted by Hogan Assessments/HR Workshop showed that Brazilian and American professionals have more similarities than differences . In the case of Brazil, the study revealed that the professionals are typically emotionally stable and have self-esteem. However, also have an ambition equally average, indicating a competitiveness contained, in addition to prefer the role of supporters, without the exposure and without wanting to control the situations.
On the other hand, in the case of the Americans, became clear similarities with the Brazilians in terms of sociability where the professionals of the United States also are introverts and extroverts. And just like the Brazilians, also prefer to act with prudence and pragmatism.
According to a survey made by two Brazilian researchers from us Government data, the brazilian community in the United States is more qualified and is more integrated than the average of other immigrants in the country. The Brazilians have a lower unemployment rate and a higher household income, not only in relation to all immigrants, but also to the American people. The Brazilians, according to the data, has a higher educational level than the average of all immigrants.
Eliete Negrão believes that the market in the United States underwent a change in relation to foreign labor. For her, the companies began to realize, especially in the provision of services, the Brazilians began to win each time the market and American confidence.
“I think this transformation and this new world that the American comes living, IE getting the Brazilian that service with a distinctive excellence, went on to make a big difference in the American market. This made what the receptive gets too good for us, Brazilians”,
explains Eliete Negrão.
According to the expert, anyone can invest in the United States and the Brazilians are increasingly conquering this space. For her, this is because the soil has been fostered by a dynamic and entrepreneurial intelligence brought by Brazilians. The forecasts for those who want to undertake and live in Florida are wonderful.

Eliete Negrão


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