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Brazilians are among the biggest buyers of the real estate market in Florida.

Brazilians are among the biggest buyers of the real estate market in Florida.
01 set 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 20Every day people ask me; what to expect from the real estate market in Florida? And how to start investing seeking good returns? The first answer I give is, you can expect the best opportunities for assets and the second answer; seek the help of a good real-estate consultant.
Always rebound my clients the importance of being well advised on the purchase of a property here in Florida.
The State of Florida is the most popular region for Brazilians seeking investment in real estate in the United States. We live in a moment of the favorable market to invest mainly in the region of Miami and Orlando. Is commercial, residential or for leisure, the sale of houses, apartments and commercial rooms everything is on the rise, of we should examine on a case-by-case, but in general terms the moment is spectacular.
This is due to a number of factors, among them, the sharp growth in the region, the ease in real estate financing to foreigners, the rates, and etc.
Today it is possible to acquire a property in Florida without leaving Brazil.
Currently, it is possible to find properties available for sale with values around U $350,000. For this it is necessary to count with a good real-estate consultant, these professionals will always be able to assist and find the best deal on the market. What I, with my experience, I can tell you is that it’s one thing to hear, see on television or the internet, it’s another thing to experience and feel the blast of the market and investor satisfaction. According to the National Association of Realtors, Florida is the most sought-after destination among foreigners who seek real estate in the United States. Venezuela was the country that invested in the real estate market in 2017, with Argentina in second place and Brazil taking the third position.
The expectation for the real-estate market in Florida next year is that there is more investment in condos in Orlando.


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