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Americanization or internationalize

Americanization or internationalize
18 maio 2018

capa brazilusa orlando real estate 17These are the verbs I’ve heard the most in the past 36 months. In recent years, Brazilian entrepreneurs, creators of good products, began to idealize new directions for their companies. Not only the economic crisis but the perception they needed to diversify their markets. It was not too difficult to realize that upon entering the United States, they would gain a huge market and a dollar income – which is a natural defense for Brazil’s current recession.
But only the escape from the crisis does not justify the decision to move completely, are other aspects that add up to this massive will to undertake and reside in the United States. It wouldn’t be difficult to list several other business and family reasons to bet on the country.
From the company’s point of view, we have the fact that the United States is a clear and stable country on investor and business law. It is also a place of self-development, a place of diversification in entrepreneurship and that attracts brilliant minds; all without forgetting that the US is a country with great market potential. Currently investing in a few niches can mean an amazing result when we think of numbers of consumers. When the business succeeds in these conditions, it automatically values its brand in Brazil and guarantees its dreamed place in America, this is especially noticeable in some sectors, such as fashion.
There is no way to rule out factors related to the entrepreneur’s own life, the one who has sought more than to undertake; it is very common to hear stories of those who have moved in pursuit of better education or better living conditions for their family, not to say those who simply identify with the culture of the United States, including doing business.
According to data from the American consulate in São Paulo, Brazilian investment in the United States has increased 89% in the last five years, and the trend is that the contributions will continue to grow.
The dream of having a business of its own in another country became more real, with the United States being the main place of choice.
Thinking of this internationalization, many franchise networks that have plans to expand to the United States in 2018 and 2019, are constantly seeking new measures and adjustments to face this market that is still warm and does not seem to be stopping so soon.
We cannot fail to analyze the part that prevails in this relationship of entrepreneurship and worth as a tip… Leave the idealization a little and put your feet in reality, taking advantage of the good business phase between Brazil and the USA!

Eliete Negrão


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