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8 Easy Steps to find your Healthy Balance

8 Easy Steps to find your Healthy Balance
02 nov 2018

CAPA BRAZILUSA SOUTHFLORIDA SETEMBRO_OUTUBROYou feel pressure from every direction. You want to succeed at your carrier, to be the best possible husband/boyfriend/father/son/brother (or wife/girlfriend/mother/daughter/sister), to be healthy, fit and look amazing. That’s all pretty exhausting. In order to feel satisfied with your life, you must find your healthy balance.
Being on top of your game sometimes can be overwhelming. Finding a healthy balance is the key to let go of perfectionism and embracing the decisions you make towards becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.
Here are a few shortcuts that I recommend to my coaching clients:

1.Treat yourself with respect – you shouldn’t be hard on yourself when you don’t meet a goal. Instead, be understanding as you would be with someone you love and and/or respect. Being harsh on yourself will only make you frustrated, and digging yourself out of that hole will be much harder than simply forgiving yourself and moving on.
2.Define your priorities in order to benefit yourself – career-family-rest-nourishment-exercise, does that order sound familiar? Exercise, sleep, healthy eating and spirituality tend to be on the bottom of the list of my clients when they come to me for coaching. Consider switching your priorities around and see how you feel. If you dedicate more of your attention towards exercising, sleeping and eating better, you’ll become more focused and productive at your job and also more energized and connected with your loved ones.
3.Filter what goes in – you can choose to not absorb every critic or bad energy that comes your way. Select what you’ll take in from every conversation, literature or image you see. Turn off the TV or pick what to watch wisely. Empower yourself to change the subject or walk away from a conversation or someone that drains your energy. Take a deep breath, exhale all the toxic thoughts and go on with your life.
4. Eat clean – eating a plant-based diet has been proved to help on healing from diseases, providing your body with all the necessary nutrients and increasing your energy levels. Take advantage of that and use every meal as an opportunity to fill yourself with pure nourishment. Did you eat something that wasn’t so healthy and now you feel sluggish and heavy (perhaps even guilty)? Don’t stay stuck there – move on, hydrate and move your body, you can make a better choice next time. After all, your next meal is around the corner and you can compensate those bad choices right away, don’t wait until next Monday.
5. Find pleasure in exercising – you don’t have to run just because your friend or idol does, if running hurts your knees. You should find what works for yourself. Exercising shouldn’t be a hassle, it should make you feel good, accomplished and energized. Don’t feel like working out today? Compromise with your body and go for a brief walk around the block. As long as you’re moving and exposing your body to the benefits of physical activity, you’re already doing well. Perhaps you’ll enjoy it and go a little further.
6. Connect with yourself – when you truly know yourself, you’re not going to indulge with a huge slice of chocolate cake. You know that won’t be good for your digestion, you also know you don’t need that much sugar and that it doesn’t have the nutrition your body needs. So listen to your body. Journaling and meditating are great tools for getting deeper in your relationship with yourself, discovering that your body is your precious temple and start worshipping it.
7. Enjoy the ride – sometimes you’re so focused on the results (of that project or your weight loss) that you may forget to enjoy every step of the way. Celebrate the small victories. That’s what life is all about. Every moment counts, not only the final result.
8. Be flexible – Flexibility will take you further than perfectionism. If you have a lunch meeting at a restaurant that doesn’t have the healthiest options, study the menu and find something that will make you feel good. There’s always a salad. Just skip the creamy dressing and you’ll be fine.
Slept in on Saturday and missed that Yoga class in the park? Oh well, you can practice some poses at home, can’t you? Keep in mind that if you slept in was because your body needed it, so accept it and enjoy that well rested look on your face.

You can find a healthy balance in every aspect of your life. Remember that when it comes to improving your health and wellness, some is better than none.
Embrace your imperfections. Life is so much easier when you’re not a slave of your routine or diet.
I believe in small changes that come from the inside – do you?
Wishing you an abundance of wisdom to encounter your healthy balance,

Sabrina Powell


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