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3 Great Neighborhoods to Live in Orlando

3 Great Neighborhoods to Live in Orlando
28 jul 2018

BRAZILUSA ORLANDO REAL ESTATE 19 CAPAWhenever you think about relocating your family, it’s commonplace that the following question comes to your mind: Where would it be the best place to live? Some people might already have a few options in mind, but are not sure on how to analyze the key factors to assure you will make the right decision to whether the neighborhood you have chosen is the best option to suit your family needs or not.
Below you will find the key aspects to consider before choosing your new home.

Overall, Orlando isn’t a high-crime area, but as most places it is natural that some neighborhoods present higher crime statistics than others. That’s why it is important to research the historical data of the area you plan on living and realize whether it became a safer place throughout the years or if the crime rates have increased.
Cost of Living
The cost of living is one of the most significant factors you should consider when choosing a new location to live, as it may vary from place to place. Real estate value, healthcare facilities, proximity to schools and markets are just a few key factors that contribute to the cost of living. Research if the area has a growth plan or even if it plans to undergo on a revitalization in the following years.
Think about how you will be getting to and from work, how much time it will take to drive your kids to school every day, how often you are going to do groceries shopping, how far your new home will be from your family and friends and so on. To avoid spending that much time on traffic, choose what you prioritize the most and pick a place within a reasonable driving distance.
After determining what is most important to you and your family, get to know three of the best areas to live in Orlando:

Known as one of the best places to live in Florida, Windermere has attracted many residents throughout the years. As new gate communities have been under construction and roads have been duplicated, this noble area tends to gain even more appreciation for its real estate.
Its proximity to excellent schools attracts a huge number of families looking for a safe and familiar environment for their children’s learning. Despite being a small and peaceful town, Windermere is extremely well located with easy access to roads and fast lanes.

Winter Garden
The orange, symbol that represents this area, says a lot about its past. Winter Garden was built on the back of the citrus industry and since then it has changed its city’s economy and consistently grown over the past decades. Nowadays, Winter Garden is a centenary area that became home for thousands of young families looking for economic opportunities.
When talking about entertainment, the Winter Garden Village is responsible for offering one of the best modern shopping experiences, with a huge open-air mix of stores, restaurants and markets.

Dr. Phillips
When compared to the two previous areas, Dr. Phillips stand out as the busiest and most strategically located one, as it is closer to downtown Orlando. The cost of life and the standards of its residents are considered high. In addition, this neighborhood has one of the most traditional high schools in Orlando, the Dr. Phillips High School.
Even though it is close to tourist areas, Dr. Phillips is still considered an extremely convenient place to make home.
All three neighborhoods are great places to live in. However, it is up to you to decide what would be the best choice for you and your family. Therefore, do your homework and make sure that all the effort you’re putting in it right now will be well worth when you finally settle into your new home.

Brianna Sawyer


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