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Color Decor!

Color Decor!
03 nov 2018

Color Decor!When we think of decoration, it soon comes to our mind several aspects that can be integrated to complement the room that will be decorated. Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of the decor is the color scheme. Colors are responsible for the way the room feels for the people inside it. Colors can also express personality, emotions and feelings. Furniture, accessories, walls and even the small details need to be thought of to create harmony between the space and the decor.
The use of colors is a procedure that embellishes and harmonizes spaces. Each style attracts a different energy, depending on how they are chosen and used.
In addition, colors also alter the perceptions of spaces. For instance, the same object or environment can feel larger or smaller when painted with different colors.
For example, in a room with light colors, the impression you have is that the space is bigger than it really is. This is because light colors extend the space. However, light colors also have a tendency to have a lesser impact on the observer, consequently visually reducing the space. For example, if you have a long and narrow hallway and you’d like it to feel shorter, you can achieve this by painting it a lighter color. The lighter color will change the observer’s perception and the corridor will seem shorter.
Color Decor!In contrast, a room with dark colors gives an the impression that the space is smaller than it actually is. This is because there is less light between the color and the observer. Yet, in some cases the lack of light can be used strategically to produce the opposite effect: expansion. Take for example an entrance hall with a back wall very close to the door. This type of space typically feels narrow and small. In this case, painting the back wall with a dark color will actually expand the hallway. Just look at the sky at night, the dark blue gives us the sense of amplitude, infinite.
Colors are not only used to expand a space, but can also be used to create sensations. The concept of color temperature establishes that the warm colors are those that have association with the fire. Red, orange and yellow are considered warm, since they transmit sensation of warmth and excitement. On the other hand, cool colors are those that have association with the water. Violet, blue and green are the cool colors, conveying a sense of calm and tranquility.
Colors can truly be used in a variety ways. Being aware of color’s impact on a space makes it much easier to make an appropriate choice of colors according to each room, without leaving aside our style and personality.

Milena Castilhos

Color Decor! Color Decor!



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